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Tony Hall Public Service Biography

Tony Hall has been actively involved in the public arena, entertainment industry, and private sector in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, and internationally for over 40 years.

As a public servant, he has held executive and administrative positions in nine different City Departments over a 30-year period.  His expertise in the internal workings of all three branches of government, the Executive, Judicial and Legislative, along with an entertainer’s personality and public relations experience, won him an elected seat as Supervisor for the City and County of San Francisco in 2000. It is worth noting that his election was one of the rarities in San Francisco politics due to the fact that Tony was not a registered Democrat, but rather an Independent

Working with an extremely liberal Board of Supervisors Board of Supervisors, Mr. Hall was unusually respected and regarded as the one legislator able to draft, propose, adopt, and oversee implementation of ordinances and resolutions that would positively affect the day to day lives of ordinary San Franciscans. His concern for the valid quality of life issues affecting all San Franciscans, and his long- term vision for the future of San Francisco is reflected in the following partial list of his many accomplishments in just under four years. The list includes delivery on every single campaign promise he made while running for the office, also a rarity.

Special Projects
Mr. Hall was responsible for the restoration/renovation of the Harding Park Golf Course, resulting in the acquisition of annual PGA tournaments, which, in turn, have provided the City with millions in added revenue.
He passed legislation for the re-build of Laguna Honda Home for the aged.
He spearheaded the reconstruction of the Ocean Avenue commercial district.
He led the renewal and reconstruction of the City’s Youth Guidance Center.
Working with various state and local agencies, private entities, he solved the decades-old Lake Merced water loss/level problem, and, in so doing, both rescued a dying natural habitat while paving the way for one of the most expansive recreational settings of any city in the country.
He led the restoration and beautification of the City’s Great Highway and the adjoining Ocean Beach.
He preserved and initiated maintenance for numerous parks and open spaces, including the building of several sports fields, and incorporating after-school recreational and educational programs for youth.
Within his district he accomplished programs to calm traffic in conjunction with several street beautification projects.

Policy Reforms
He was successful in the formation and passing of a ballot initiative, which created a public utilities oversight committee now saving taxpayers millions of dollars.
He proposed legislation and a ballot initiative that would allow landlords to voluntarily sell their apartments to tenants as deeded home ownership units.
He originated and mandated regular departmental accountability hearings.
He established his district’s neighborhood town hall meetings.
He enabled budgetary rollbacks by consolidating of City departments and eliminating of over three-dozen wasteful task forces and commissions.
He introduced legislation to increase participation of local businesses in government contracting and to enforce accountability standards for non-profit service providers who receive City funding.
He introduced legislation to provide for free wireless Internet services for all City-owned buildings and to allow for competition between outside companies in the telecommunications sphere.
He instituted a local blight ordinance.
He passed numerous pieces of legislation to support, strengthen, and encourage the restaurant, hotel, and tourist industries.
He streamlined the permit process to enabling the construction industry to be encouraged in new housing start-ups.
He worked closely with law enforcement and emergency response agencies to improve the quality and efficiency of their operations.

Social Reforms
Tony Hall’s “Blueprint for Homeless Reform Policy”, introduced in 2001, was the product of a 15-year personal study which encompassed a 7-point package of ordinances and resolutions which successfully established quality of life and civility laws and mandated policy changes within the homeless industry. It set the stage for all homeless reforms and initiatives that would follow including Gavin Newsom’s questionable “Care-Not-Cash” initiative.
He implemented the Safely Surrendered Baby Law (Senate Bill 1368) for San Francisco and passed the Safe Haven for Newborns legislation.
He authored the proposal of fines for people who intentionally blocked traffic under the guise of the 1st Amendment.
He created a high risk mapping function so citizens could assess their position of exposure to the locations of serious sex offenders via the internet.

Past Chairman of the Rules Committee.
Government Oversight.
Neighborhood and Parks Services Committee.

Transportation Authority.
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District.
Transbay Terminal Joint Powers Agency.
Bay Area Joint Powers Transportation Board.
Bay Area Air Quality Control Board.
State Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).

Civic Activities
Originated the plan and oversaw the construction of the new Civic Center Civil Courthouse.
Former member of the Graffiti Task Force.
Former member of the Mayor’s Criminal Justice Advisory Council.
Former member of the Homelessness Advisory Task Force.
Former member of the Drug Task Force.
Former member of the Citizen Advisory Task Force.
Mr. Hall conducted outreach programs for the Mayor’s Office, The District Attorney’s Office, and The Civil Service Commission.
For many years Tony Hall has served as a volunteer Track & Field coach at St. Ignatius College Preparatory.

University of California, Los Angeles: B.A., Public Administration, and Economics
Graduate coursework in Public Administration – 28 Units
Loyola High School, Los Angeles, California – Diploma

Bay Area: “Entertainer of The Year Award” – 1975
International Music Festival, 1st place winner, Ireland – 1974
Olympic Trials, Decathlon, Hurdling, Golden Gloves Boxing Finalist

Summary of Treasure Island Assignment
In August of 2004, Mayor Gavin Newsom asked Tony Hall to assume the post of Administrator at Treasure Island. The Mayor publicly stated that this choice was made due to Mr. Hall’s impressive and experienced record of accomplishments in the area of public facilities and special projects, and promised to support Tony Hall in his efforts to move this project ahead following more than seven years of malaise and neglect which had developed out of cronyism and corruption with respect to the exclusive rights to develop the island.

Within six months Mr. Hall activated and energized Treasure Island into a vibrant entity with exciting profit-making enterprises beneficial to both the general fund of the City, and to the resident population of more than 4000 citizens living there who had been ignored for all those previous years.

Mr. Hall was conducting on-going meetings with the developer regarding plans and contract compliance issues, as well as parallel interaction with the United States Navy principals responsible for re-conveyance of the property to San Francisco. Because of the inactivity of the prior seven years, the Navy had become skeptical with respect to the sincerity of the City and the ability of the developer to put forth a concrete redevelopment plan. The Mayor’s Office insisted upon a renewal of the contract for the developer despite the fact that the developer had not met the terms of their contract, including substantial payment shortfalls and specific developmental timetables, spanning years. The Mayor also insisted that other “partners” be allowed to join the development team without going through the public bidding process as mandated by the City Charter.

Needless to say, the Mayor’s support for Mr. Hall evaporated when it was learned by Mr. Hall that the Mayor’s largest monetary donors were, indeed, these very exclusive developers, and the presence of a “sweetheart deal” became publicly exposed. (This “development” entity had never developed anything, nor had they complied with any portion of their contract in the prior six years.)

Mr. Hall, faced with this enormity, refused to compromise his ideals or the integrity of the project for the future of the redevelopment of Treasure Island. As a result, he was subjected to a series of manipulations and false defamatory allegations initiated by the Mayor’s Office.

This culminated in October of 2005 when the Treasure Island Development Authority, with seven new members, each appointed by Mayor Newsom, voted to require the resignation of Tony Hall from the project “without cause”.

Currently Mr. Hall immensely enjoys the time that he has been able to spend with his lovely wife of 30 years, Nora, and their seven children with a recently added first grandchild. He remains politically active while also entertaining regularly with his band engagements. The “Hallmarks” have been a fixture of local musical input for 35 years.

Tony Hall’s central hope is that future public servants can be encouraged to emerge dedicated to ensuring that San Francisco will rise above the pitfalls of corruptive influences while retaining a growth towards the world class status that its outstanding attractions deserve. He wishes to re-establish standards of integrity based upon transparent political accountability that will diminish the dubious empirical exploitations of corruption that have befallen other locales and that appear provable to now be underway here.

He wants, mostly, to set forth an example of the highest ideals by which his entire public career has already evidenced.

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