Articles and Media by Tony Hall

What The Mainstream Media Wont Report About The San Francisco Election, The Epoch Times, February  22, 2022

Only In San Francisco: A unique School Board Recall The Epoch Times, February, 8, 2022

A Closer Look at Voter Fraud, San Francisco Style! The Epoch Times, August 4, 2021

Critical Race Theory Makes It Easier to Manipulate Young Minds The Epoch Times, July 19, 2021

Mayor’s Spin on Crime Is Confusing, Contradictory, and Misleading The Epoch Times July 15, 2021

In Not-So-Brilliant Move, San Francisco Spends Over $60,000 Per Homeless Tent The Epoch Times, July 2, 2021

Could California’s Wildfire Season Impact the Governor’s Recall Election? The Epoch Times, June 28, 2021

[Video] Why San Francisco is Leading California | June 2, 2021

Here We Go Again: Gavin Newsom’s $12 Billion Fix for California. The Epoch Times, May 12, 2021

Recall Newsom? Count Me In! The Epoch Times, April 13, 2021

How Money Influences Elections, Westside Observer, November 2016.

Sanctuary City SF Style Pt.2. Westside Observer, Dec. 2016

Sanctuary City, Oct 2015. Westside Observer and San Francisco Examiner, 2015

How Money Influences Elections, Westside Observer, November 2016.

Catholicism Anyone? SF Examiner, Westside Observer, SF Catholic, May 2015

SF War On Motorists, Westside Observer, July 2014

SF Fire Dept. Accessibility, Westside Observer, June 2014

SF PUC Bonds, SF Examiner, Westside Observer, Feb. 2014

Big Time Development, Westside Observer, April 2013.

Abortion Funding, Westside Observer, February 2013.

A Closer Look At Voter Fraud, Westside Observer, December 2013.

Politics Or the Will of the Voters, Westside Observer, November 2012.

A Few Good Men and A Self Promoting Clown, Westside Observer, 2012.

Mayor’s Race, SF Chronicle, SF Examiner, Westside Observer. Mar. 2011

Parkmerced Shake, Rattle & Rollin, Westside Observer, Feb. 2011

SF Road Tolls, Westside Observer, December 2010.

SF Hotel Taxes, Westside Observer, November, 2010.

Homelessness SF, Westside Observer, October 2010.

Treasure Island =Fantasy Island One More Time, Westside Observer, September 2010.

Municipal Services, Westside Observer, June 2010.

Truthful Reporting, Westside Observer, May 2010.

The Duel at the Boathouse at Lake Merced!, Westside Observer, April 2010.

The Art of Governance and the Economy, Westside Observer, March 2010.

The Good Ship  Lollipop Marooned on Treasure Island, Westside OBserver, February 2010

Homeownership In San Francisco, Westside Observer, Dec. 2009

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